Happy 1st Blogging Birthday

It was in June 2011 that I decided to set up niamhkelly.wordpress.com. I was working in the BBC at the time and wanted to begin my journey as a freelance fashion & beauty journalist. I truly never imagined that it would take off so well. As soon as I became part of the FABB network, I knew great things were going to happen. Since then I have had a huge number of views on my blog and been privileged to attend some fabulous events.

I’m extremely proud of my little baby and I want to thank everyone who visits and takes time to be a part of it. Especially Katrina and the FABB girls. Thanks so much ladies for a great year. (Jesus, I sound like I’m giving my Oscar speech!)

Anywho, I really appreciate all who nosey around my world. Hope you all have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Happy 1st Blogging Birthday

  1. Great speech Niamh – good practice for when you’re winning lots of journalism awards! Congrats on your one year anniversary – wishing you many more years of lovely blogging, from another FABB girlie, Avril xx

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