A Jolly Holly Start

Now that my holiday is vast approaching ,(just over 3 weeks), I need to lockdown all of my jolly holly wardrobe. (That’s my lingo for holiday!) Sometimes, I find it quite stressful trying to get ready for going away. Especially when you’re packing, I mean, you have to pack for rain, unexpected nights out, back up outfit’s etc.

Once again, I was shopping in Primark. My mama bear spotted this pretty maxi skirt hanging quietly in the back. Usually, when something stylish comes into Primark it is hard to get it as they sell out within a few days. Thankfully this wasn’t the case for me. I got my size and I’m almost sorted for Espanol.

I love the bright and vibrant colours. It’s a great length and so comfortable. I like the black top with it as it really makes the skirt pop. I can’t wait to debut it. Even though it’s stressful getting ready to go away, it’s well worth it when I’m relaxing in the sun on the beach. Jealous?! 😉


4 thoughts on “A Jolly Holly Start

  1. Too right! Love this and your Warehouse top too – you’ve had a good run in the shops this week. Can’t wait to see some pics from Spain – will be great to get away from this weather!! Avril x

    1. Thanks Avril. My sale spree always happens at once! I’m so excited about going away. Are you going on any holidays? I tried to comment on some of your posts but still can’t. 😦 Nx

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