Introducing My Wish List

This week I am trying something entirely new. It’s called my ‘Wish List’ and it’s basically three things I wish I had each week. If you’re a red-blooded female then I know you’ll understand me when I say that we all have our lists. First, I will obviously talk about a fashion item I wish I had. Next, I will move onto a man I wish I had. (Yes ladies, you heard me.) And finally, a destination where I would like to be chilling in. Lets begin. 🙂

Fashion Wish:

I’ve had my eye on these fabulous court platforms from Office for some time now. It’s not exactly the cost that has prevented me from buying these but in fact the material and colour. If you’re like me on a night out and can become a little clumsy. (Thanks to the vodka!) Then you will second guess purchasing these stunning heels. So, for this week, these are on my wish list.

Man Wish: 

This little section right here has to be the best one! It’s every girl’s dream to ooh and aah over their sexiest man alive. Even though I am happily in a relationship, we all still have our lists. (Think of Ross in the Friends episode!) This week, I am starting with the king of hangovers, none other than Mr Bradley Cooper.  Just look at his designer stubble and crystal blue eyes. As Olly Murs says, My heart skips a beat!

Holiday Wish: 

I’m starting with one of my most favourite places in the world, County Kerry. I just love how beautiful and relaxing it is. My family use to have a house there and every summer we would go down for a few months. It holds such amazing memories for me and if I’m having a bad day, Kerry is always the place I wish I could escape to.

So as this is my first post on my Wish List, I would love to get your feedback. Whether you like it or want any changes/improvements made to it then let me know your thoughts. Hope you’re all having a great week.


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