Explosion of Colours

The day has come when Topshop has a sale on their jean’s. If you look through my wardrobe you can quickly tell that I am a huge fan. I love how soft and stretchy they are. (Especially when you’re either hung over or feeling frumpy.)

For those who don’t know this, the variety of colour’s within Topshop’s jean collection is unbelievable. With so many options, I had to break it into categories. Category Number One, colour. As I selected my favourite shades, which was a difficult task, I then moved into Category Number Two. Size. It can be incredibility hard sometimes to get your size.

With great success I decided on a fabulous turquoise colour.  They fit like a glove and complement my shape. They also turn up at the bottom which is perfect for summer. I’m not so much a pastel girl as the colour’s tend to drown me out. They’re usually between £38/£40, but if you hurry now you can buy them for £20. I have a work day/night out on Thursday so I’m going to wear these with wedges and my rainbow top I bought in Warehouse last week. Hope you like. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Explosion of Colours

  1. I love topshop jeans – mostly because they’re long enough for my legs when I’m wearing heels, and they’re also proper skinny!
    I bought a minty green pair, but just in normal length so they sit around my ankles and look kind of cute (I hope – not just that I haven’t bought too short jeans ;))
    S xx

  2. Thanks Sara. I know their jeans are amazing! I wore them last night for a work night out and they were so comfortable! Plus the colour was great too.

    I’m even more addicted to Topshop jeans now! 🙂


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