Style Spotlight: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor minus the husbands and plastic surgery. Her outrageous and daring style is a magnificent reflection of her confident and vibrant personality. My Style Spotlight posts have been MIA the past while, but I knew that when it returned, I would go out with a bang. And who better than Ms Faith.

How cute! This beautiful coat reminds me of a very stylish Winter in New York and for some reason Judy Garland. Like a ‘Meet Me In St Louis’ kind of way. (My mind can’t help but dream). Paired with cute little bow ankle boots and a very fabulous green feathered headpiece, it’s certainly a winner. The green gives the coat a pop of colour and would be sure to brighten up any day.

Look at those stunning shoes! I adore mary jane’s especially when they come in this stunning light blue shade. The colours in this outfit work perfectly with each other. The fringe detailing gives the look a little movement and adds some fun into it. She continues to inject her vintage vibe into her look by pairing it with a fierce crocodile handbag and velvet jacket. Love it!

Oh my word! This is amazing! Now some of you may disagree but I think it’s über fabulous! It reminds me of a mixture of the Queen of Hearts meets one of those dolls that sit on top of your granny’s toilet. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Even the colour of her hair matches the dress. It’s magnificent. People might think I mad, but well done Paloma, well done.

I definitely think this post was a very good start for the Style Spotlight return. If any of you gals would like to see your favourite style icon in one my posts. Let me know. Have fun!



4 thoughts on “Style Spotlight: Paloma Faith

  1. I love her outfits!! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. If it’s anything as amazing as her new video for “Picking Up The Pieces,” then I definitely won’t be disappointed 🙂 You gotta check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!!

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