Summer Shaping

I don’t know about you ladies out there but every summer when I’ve booked my holidays I can’t help but panick and break into a slight sweat when that one dreaded word pops into my head. Bikini.

There is not one of us out there who has the ‘perfect body’ and like everyone else I have my problem areas. I have a small chest, (not that the world needs to know), so I find it hard to find a bikini that gives me more of a shape. Plus it also makes it look like I have a belly.

When it comes to shopping for them, I prefer ordering them online. I know it’s not convenient for everyone but when I’m in a store, there are two things that sicken my happiness.

  1. Those horrible fluorescent lights that make you cry.
  2. The clown inspired mirrors that are angled to cover every inch of your body. (Not a great way to help boost my confidence).

The great thing about ordering them to my house is that I can try them on properly in the privacy of my bedroom and get a more realistic idea of how it looks on me. I even do my Baywatch inspired run on the beach to make sure nothing pops out. It’s also good to learn what brands fit your body. I know some companies change their style but they do stick to the classic piece’s.

For me, Next has the best bikini’s around. As I am a small chested little girl, they have a range called ‘Shape Enhancing’. It’s designed to give your chest area a lift, and for me, the illusion that I actually have one.

Now, my figure is nothing like the models in the picture but I when I bought this bikini, I was extremely happy. I look like a real woman with some healthy curves. Another bonus about Next’s range is the pretty designs that you can choose from.

Even though I love the result of my bikini’s, you will have to look at the models in them cause I’m sorry, I just can’t upload any of me. Obviously this post isn’t designed to suit everyone but my aim for today’s post was to help girls like myself.


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