Sweet Like Sugar

I have found the perfect party dress, or if you are daring enough, a fabulous occasion dress. With the cut out design, some may be hesitant, but I would happily wear this fabulous rainbow maxi dress to a wedding. I have fallen in love with a cute boutique called Sugarhill Boutique.

This stunning dress is hand dyed in Bali. It’s just magnificent, I definitely think I’ll be treating myself to it. I’ve a wedding coming up in September, it would be perfect for it. Easy to dance, drink and more importantly, eat in! The past few wedding’s I have attended, I always seem to opt for the maxi dress. It’s my favourite style and as I’m tall, I think it works best for me.

I haven’t come across a dress like this in a while. Every so often a dress will come along that makes a girl’s heart skip a beat. And this did just that to me. I’m so excited now, by then I’ll hopefully still have my tan from my holidays. I’m thinking natural hair, make-up and accessories to let the dress make a statement.


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