Style Spotlight: Dianna Agron

I’m not a huge fan of the television show ‘Glee’, but I am certainly a fan of the beautiful Dianna Agron. To me, she is like a modern-day version of America’s Sweetheart. From pretty midi’s to gorgeous gowns, she’s a singing success. (Pardon the pun.)

This is my ideal cocktail dress. Two key trends I love in fashion are bold colours and embellishments. They’re just stunning and guaranteed to add some spectacular glamour to any look. The soft base colour of the dress allows the colours and embellishments to really stand out.

In this next look, Dianna has added some drama to the classic midi with this seductive plunging neckline and smokey eye. I love how she has added some volume and mess to her hair, it still includes her youthful personality and gives it some edge.

When Ms Agron first rocked the red carpet in this frock, a lot of people didn’t like it. For some reason these days I am loving the huge over the top ball gowns and the toilet doll look. (Think back to my Paloma Faith post.) I adore lace and anything to do with it. As she is a slim girl, I think the layered look gives her some curves. With her hair in a updo, it allows the dress to do the talking.

It’s so depressing to be back home, the weather is horrible. I keep getting my “This time last week I was…” flashbacks. I think it might be time to start planning my next trip. Have fun!


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