Magic & Sparkles Make Up

The two items that you will always find in my make-up bag is Eye Liner and Concealer. I have an obsession with the ‘winged’ eye liner effect but I also have dark circles around them! (Drives me insane!)

I’m going to start with my favourite, eyeliner. I am a self-confessed addict and I’ve pretty much tried the majority of liquid, pencil and gel liners. I have to say gel is my favourite but I’ve never come across one quite like this. I’ve experimented with gel liners before but I find they tend to dry out and therefore don’t go on properly. I purchased this little baby at Autograph in Marks & Spencer’s. When I applied it to my lids I was amazed how smooth it was. It was like silk on my skin. It’s so easy to apply and the best part is it doesn’t smudge. Result!

You’re going to laugh at the contrast between my picture for two reasons. One, the eye liner images were at night and obviously I’m wearing a full face of make up. Two, the concealer images are during the day and not as warm looking. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Ok, so I do have dark circles around my eyes. They’re my worst enemy and I simply can not live without concealer. Like every other girl who loves make up I have again tried most brands. Some are too creamy and fall into the cracks of my skin. Others just don’t work. (I have to admit, uploading these next images makes me feel a little nervous with having any ‘slap’ on! 😉 )

During my shopping spree at the Autograph counter, I picked up a new concealer. It is stick based and the perfect size for my handbags and nights out! Woohooo! I’ve taken a before and after picture and you can see the difference. Happy girl!

I’m so in love with these products. It’s like finding gold when you have finally found the product that works on you and actually does its job! Time for a treat girls!


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