Zazzy Zen

Zazzy is my new word of the week. It’s an updated version of ‘snazzy’. You like? It’s a bit random but that’s the kind of mood I’m in today! 😉 Is anyone going to Tennant’s Vital? I can’t wait to go see the amazing Stone Roses and Florence & The Machine. It shall be electric! Anywho, I’m going off course here with this post.

On Saturday I was out for a friend’s birthday party in the very fabulous Zen Restaurant. I have always heard about people talking about it so I was excited to finally try it out. I’m not the biggest fan of Japanese food but after Saturday I can honestly say I’ve converted. The food was amazing. I stuck to Chicken to be safe but I did sample some crab and duck. (This is a milestone for me!)

I was feeling a little fragile on Saturday as I was out the night before with some friend’s so I decided that comfort would be my main priority for Zen. I decided to wear my black gladiator sandals with a long black maxi dress from Zara and my fabulous statement jacket from Marks & Spencer. It’s my new favourite item!

I had such a great night and the food was unbelievable. I would seriously recommend Zen to anyone. It’s an experience! 😉 I had a field day with the chopsticks.

As I’m sitting writing this out, I can hear the Foo Fighter’s rehearsing for Vital. Pretty cool! 😀 If anyone is going to it, have fun! I’ll see you all there.


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