Wish List

As it is coming to the end of summer I’m thinking of the upcoming Autumn/Winter styles and how much I wish I was back on holiday. Seems like a life time ago I was chillaxing in Spain. However, I have some amazing opportunities coming my way in the next few weeks so that is keeping me busy and excited!

Like I said, I’m already thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. If there is one place I adore for some stylish winter wear, it has to be A|Wear. While I was browsing their new A/W collections, I came across this adorable sweater. The reason why it is on my wish list is due to the fact that I’m refusing to buy a woolly jumper in the middle of August!

Ah, the delicious man section of my list. I enjoy “researching” beautiful men more and more each week. Holy mother of all things hot and mc dreamy! Ladies, I would like to introduce the perfect Mr Patrick Dempsey. This magnificent man ranks extremely high in my list! Doctor Shepard, I think I may have a fever. ūüėČ

Finishing off the post with one of my favourite holidays of all time. I went to Crete, Greece, in July 2008. It was two weeks of heaven and such a stunning place to visit. I would recommend it to anyone. It was so peaceful and the weather was unreal. I took this photo on a ledge that was draped with flowers and over looked the marina. How beautiful is it?!

I’m so excited for tonight. I’m going to¬†be rocking it out to¬†the Stone Roses and Florence & The Machine at Tennent’s Vital. So excited!¬†Are any of you lovely ladies going? I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Have fun!


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