Style Spotlight: Anne Hathaway

Ever since her “Devil Wears Prada” days, I have become a huge fan of Anne Hathaway. Her latest role in the “Batman” movie made me think to myself, “Why the hell haven’t I included this girl in my Style Spotlight”?!

I love the backless look. Whether it’s dresses, tops or even jumpsuits, I just love it. As love as it’s done in the right way then it can be the most seductive look in the fashion world. I love how the dress hugs her body shape and allows her curves to stand out. Sometimes I’m hesitant when it comes to big shoulders, but I really like it on her dress. Gives it more of a structured look. Tis fab!

Another gold number. She reminds me of a mermaid here, but a stunning one. I love the two different textures on the dress. The fish tail is covered in large sequins and slowly changes into delicate beading on the bodice.

This is actually my favourite look. It screams Chanel! I love bold prints and fabrics more so than the simple look. The cream based colour with the black and grey detailing throughout it is perfect. It’s quite the ladylike dress and perfect for Ms Hathaway as that is her style. The classic point stiletto is my favourite. It’s were the heel first began and it’s still standing strong today.

Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!


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