Hello Flawless Benefit

On Thursday I attended a truly fabulous and fun event in Menarys, Lisburn. Benefit make up was our host for the evening, and let me tell you this, boy did they deliver! From the magnificent Mark to the stunning variety of make up, it was a night to remember.

Myself, my friend Colleen and a group of the other FABB girl’s had a fantastic night. As Mark and the lovely Gemma walked us through each product, we nibbled on amazing appetizers and sipped sweetly on Champagne and strawberries.

Marks hilarious sense of humour had us enjoying every minute and wanting more. It was great to get some tips and tricks, if you’re anything like me girls, they come in handy. At each table, there was samples of some of the products and we got to test them out, which was fab! One item I fell head over heels in love with was the Pore Fessional. It’s basically a pore balm that minimizes the appearance of pores.

After the make up walk through, we were able to chat to the Benefit team. I asked about my eyebrows because they sicken my happiness and I’m trying to let them grow. I’ve been using Benefit’s brow-zings for a few months now but wasn’t applying it properly. After a quick lesson, I was fully equipped on how to achieve the ‘perfect brow.’ Also applied to my eyes was this stunning eye shadow set. It really made my eyebrows pop against the Champagne shade. It’s safe to say it has been added to my Christmas list! ūüôā

Benefit Peek A Bright Eyes:

The fabulous team also presented all of us with an adorable goodie bag that contained the ‘How To Look The Best At Everything’ gift set. You can imagine my excitement when I realised¬†the Pore Fessional¬†was inside it along with the Hello Flawless Foundation, Boi-ing¬†concealers¬†and Hello Flawless Powder. Woohoo!

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything:

Girls you all need to race to your nearest Benefit counter and check out the amazing sets that are available for Christmas. Some are limited edition only so hurry before they sell out. Best to start your Christmas Wish Lists now!

Benefit Jet Set:

Benefit High Flying Glosses:

I¬†just¬†want to say thank you to Gemma, Mark, the rest of the Benefit team and of course Menarys for having us! ūüėÄ


2 thoughts on “Hello Flawless Benefit

  1. Thanks so much for coming to our Benefit and Menarys evening. So glad you enjoyed it as much as us. See you at the next one!! Audrey x

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