Festive Finds

Oh my word. I can’t believe Christmas has been and gone. For a spilt second, I felt a little sad because I just love the hype and build up to the festive season. However, as Boxing Day approached, I thought the best way to cheer myself up is to hit the good old Christmas/January sales.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of sale time as I find you’re always left with the rubbish piece’s, but I thought I would just have a sneak peek. It all started with some harmless online shopping. The next I knew, I was pounding the pavements in town, going from shop to shop in the hope of bagging myself the perfect bargain.  I have to say, when I tell people how much I love the sales, I mean the sales online. It is such an easier method of shopping and you aren’t left pulling through clothes on rails and queuing for an annoying amount of time. For the most part of my shopping experience, I very quickly scanned the rails and moved onto the full priced items. I was lucky enough to get some fabulous gift vouchers for Christmas so I didn’t mind skipping the sale rails.

So, my journey began at Warehouse online. I have to say, I’m always impressed with their sales and they have a great selection of items and sizes to choose from that are always at a bargain price. I had been eyeing up this very pretty floral dress for a while now. When I first spied it in the shop, I immediately feel in love with it. At the time, call me cheap, but I just didn’t want to spend the money on it. Originally priced at £68, I was beyond thrilled when I found it had been marked down to £25. BARGAIN! (I’ll upload a photo of me wearing it when it arrives 🙂 )


Next stop, River Island. To be honest, I didn’t go near the sale items, twas too over whelming. So I headed straight to my favourite area, shoes and accessories. Here, I found the most amazing neon green bag that would be perfect to use on a night out.


The gold chain gives it a little glamour and the colour makes it easy to pair with anything. Even though it was full priced, it was still only £18.


Staying with River Island, the ankle boot craze is still impacting heavily in the majority of high street stores. I love anything to do with spikes or studs so you can imagine my excitement when I tried on these fantastic black spiked ankle boots.


They’re beyond comfortable and again, only cost me £40. Luckily, I was given a River Island gift voucher so I was able to get these with it. Woohoooooo! 😀


Even the back of the boots are delicately decorated with some stud detailing and the buckles give it the biker edge. They are perfect with leggings, leathers or skinny jeans. I’m excited to start wearing them!


I’ll uploasd some images of me wearing my items very soon. I managed to buy myself a few more piece’s but I’m saving these for another post. Needless to say, I’ve got my New Year party outfits sorted and I can’t wait to wear them. Hope to all had a great Christmas and have a very fabulous New Year.


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