Philosophy + Hope in a Jar = Amazing!

We all know just how important skin care is and for the past number of years, I have tried and tested a large majority of brands available. Until now, that is. I have oily and hormonal skin, which as many of you will know, is a pain in the back side. No matter how many creams I’ve tried, nothing seemed to help with my skin type.

I know that the basic condition of your skin has to do with your genes, which is why I was confused about mine as my mum has the most flawless skin I have ever seen. But I came to realise that it is me who is responsible for its general up keep, and I wasn’t looking after it properly.

So many factors come into play when it comes to our skin. It can all change from day-to-day, week to week, things going on in our lives, and my favourite, mother nature. (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

Creating a new skin care regime and actually sticking to it is one of the most important routines in our daily lives. Something that I came to learn only recently. I was talking to a fellow FABB friend, Ms Dawn from, who recommended Philosophy, Hope in a jar to me. Her skin always looks flawless and she told me that it was down to this miracle cream.


As soon as I got my hands on this jar, I began my routine. What I love most about this cream is how light it feels on my skin. As soon as I apply it, my skin feels so silky and smooth. It is designed to hydrate and provides antioxidant protection while improving skin texture and tone. Ever since I started using it, I have noticed that my blemishes are becoming less, and my skin constantly feels smooth and radiant.


Thank you to my buddy Dawn for becoming my life saver and to Fiona for sending me the cream. I would honestly recommend this miracle cream to all of you. Hope you all have a fabulous week.


5 thoughts on “Philosophy + Hope in a Jar = Amazing!

  1. Hi Niamh! I’m the random cousin you were told about last week when my dad was up visiting lol. I’m very big into my skin care and as you say the key is finding a routine that suits you and sticking to it. At the moment I’m using the seaweed range from the bodyshop as my skin is normal with an oily t-zone and its great for mattifying my skin without drying it out. This winter weather though is proving harsh so I’ve been using my night cream (steam cream) occasionally during the day just to give my skin a wee boost.
    Steph xo

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Yes Uncle David was telling me all about you and what you have been up to. He said you have set up your own blog or were planning on doing so?

      I must check out that seaweed range and have a look. Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope all is well.

      My email is, if you want to catch up. 🙂


      1. Yeah I have a wee nail blog, it’s been on the go since about April. It’s

        Yours is actually the first fashion blog I’m really following and we seem to have quite similar tastes e.g. I also have a Que Sera, Sera tattoo (on my ribs) and was eyeing up the rosé gold Michael Korrs watch, though I just bought the river island version lol. The tattoo thing was quite weird as my tastes are very specific, I even have a Doris Day pin up style portrait on my leg xo

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