Best of 2012: Jewellery

OK, so I literally just bought this today, but already it is my favourite piece of jewellery that I have bought in 2012. It is by local jewellery designer, Grainne Maher, and is from her Pluck & Devour collection. She is an extraordinary designer and creates this magnificent and one of a kind looking necklaces using perspex, wirework and swarovski crystals.


I can honestly say it was a tough decision picking just one, so I can I’m going to have to build up my very own collection. 🙂 The reason why I chose this limited edition design, Owl-Moon-Start, is due to the fact that it has a stunning swarovski crystal star hanging from it. Plus the beautiful mirror effect makes it easy to wear with pretty much any piece of clothing.


I’m going to wear this stunning necklace for my New Year’s Day party session with a gorgeous mini dress and black ankle boots. I’ll upload some images of my outfit in the coming days.

Oh, you can find these pretty necklaces in the House of Fraser, Victoria Square, or visit: 🙂


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