Magic & Sparkles Limited Collection Polishes

The lovely folks from M&S PR sent me some very pretty polishes to test out. When it comes to nail polish, it’s not so much the colour that is important to me but, if it can stay chip free.

This collection of polishes is from my favourite counter within Marks & Spencer’s beauty bar. Limited Collection have continued with their owl theme beauty collections. If you can all remember, I reviewed their owl make up palette and now they’ve branded out into polishes and lip glosses. (I’m going to review the glosses in a separate post, so stay tuned!)


Before I apply the polish I add some basecoat protection so that it glides on smoothly. There is nothing worse than air bubbles or nail imperfections shinning through. Once dried, I began applying the array of colours to each individual nail.


I love the variety of soft and rich colours and how each shade has a surprising little sparkle within each pot. I actually love this nail design of individual colours so I kept this look over the Christmas period. And girls, there was not one chip in sight. ūüôā


If you’re anything like me and find it hard to pick your favourite colour from this glamorous bunch, then just wear them all. Problem solved! With the Christmas and New Year sales in full swing, go quick to your nearest M&S and grab yourself a treat. ūüôā


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