I Smell A Sale…

I know this post isn’t exactly style related but it does include a fabulous scented candle, matching room spray and a stunning turquoise necklace. It all happened on Friday while I was eating one of Marks & Spencer’s amazing chicken and chorizo sandwiches and minding my own business. I suddenly spotted a sale in the home department and thought my place was in dire need of some scented smellies.


I have a powerful sense of smell (no jokes please 😉 ) and spent a good while browsing through the pretty scents. Obviously it felt good to buy some, but, it felt even better at the fact that they were on sale. The White Lotus Spa Candle was reduced from £9.50 to £6 and the matching White Lotus Room Spraywas only £3. 🙂 It smells so good and adds some freshness to the room.


Now on to the necklace. The reason why I chose this piece is because I love how different it looks. I haven’t seen any design like this before and of course the beautiful turquoise stones help make it even more beautiful. I got this in one of my mum’s favourite shops, and forgive me but, I can’t remember its name. All I know is that the necklace was £14.99 reduced down to £7.49. Pretty good, eh?


Hope you all have a great weekend. 😀


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