My Love Affair With Scarves

No one loves a bargain more than me. The variety of patterns, colours and even textures is the best way to experiment and add a little edge to your look. From huge over-sized scarves to short ‘n’ sweet ones, the options are endless.


When it comes to wearing scarves I tend to opt for the ‘cowl’ style. Each layer flows beautifully over each other and the colours pop nicely against the cream base colour. I am actually obsessed with scarves. I think every girl can get such pleasure from wearing them. They can add instant glamour to any look.


I thought that I would show you a few of my other favourites. I’m not lucky enough to own an Alexander Mc Queen skull print scarf so this pretty one from New Look  (second from left) is as close as I’ll get in the mean time. I love the dark and edgy colours throughout it. It’s perfect for when I’m channeling the biker look.

For Christmas, my mum bought me these amazing Marilyn Monroe scarves. They are stunning, I love the colours in each one, they allow her face to pop perfectly and stand out. They a nice change from just patterned designs.


I am a firm believer in injecting some colour into my collection from season to season. I’ll forever include a pop of colour somewhere in my look. This huge scarf from Warehouse is exactly what I’m talking about.


Again, pretty florals are huge this season and I’ve had this scarf for a long time now and it never fails to make a statement. Season after season I mix it in with my look and most recently I wore it to Belfast Fashion Week with my tan jumpsuit and cream blazer.

Hope you all like it. Have a great day!


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