Benefit Peek A Bright Eye

I got this amazing make up set by Benefit cosmetics for Christmas that I was ecstatic about. I first saw it at an event that the lovely ladies and gents from Benefit Ireland held for us bloggers.


It’s called Peek-A-Bright eye and it’s honestly thee best eye shadow palette on the market. I’m not just saying this to sound nice. When I tried it on I was amazed at how bright and big it made my eyes look.


I’m not the best with beauty so I love finding tips and tricks along the way. I was very happy when I saw that it came with a simple set of instructions to help guide me through the ‘contouring’ process. Also included in the set is some brushes specifically designed for certain parts of the eye.


It really is a simple make up look to create but one that I find most effective. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it. It’s safe to say that it has become my favourite ‘go to’ look for when I’m heading out on the town. There are three colours to work with, a cream base shadow, pearly pink highlight shadow and a beautiful warm chocolate contour shadow.


It’s the best kit if you’re wanting to create an illuminating effect. Seriously girls, I would highly recommend it.


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