Aloe Vera Mineral Make Up

I have found the ultimate mineral make up. For the last few months, I was wanting to try Bare Minerals foundation. I don’t know why but I just hate wearing foundation and unfortunately I’m not the kind of girl who can go au natural.

Out of pure laziness, I never got round to testing out the Bare Minerals Powder. Several months later I was invited to an Aloe Vera party at a friend’s house. When it comes to make up, my skin type would be oily and sensitive so I would be hesitant when experimenting with new products.


As the products were being passed around, I was curious when I saw the mineral powder. As I tested a sample on my skin, I couldn’t help but notice how it glided on my skin perfectly leaving it with a matte effect and a beautiful glow. It really does look like foundation but lightweight in comparison. I could see that it gave me great coverage and concealed the area around my eyes.


It is available in three shades; Natural, Amber and Caramel. I opted for Amber as it evened out my skin tone and like I’ve said, gave my skin a healthy glow. It only cost me £23, and when it arrived, it came with a super soft powder brush. Overall, I was very impressed.


I would highly recommend this amazing powder to anyone. It suits all skin types and is effortless when applying.


They not only specialize in make up but creams, vitamins and drinks so if anyone is interested in the products, please visit:

I would like to say thank you to the lovely Aisling for hosting a great evening.


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