It’s Those Little Things

Ok so this week I’ve chosen some personal images to include and of course just the little things that I like.

Starting with the most important and inspirational little lady in my life. My beautiful mummy deserves to top the list because she is amazing and is one of my little treasures. 🙂


I may not be single but I’m currently reading this adorable book by my favourite author, Lindsey Kelk. ‘The Single Girl’s To-Do List’ is a quirky and heart felt book that every girl can relate to.


As soon as I laid eyes on this cute kitchen ornament from my mum’s kitchen it represented everything her and I stand for. I can cook but it’s just not my one of my best skills. 😉


I’ve a post coming soon about my shopping spree around Primark. In the mean time I wanted to include a little sneak peek of one of the fabulous turquoise rings I got. I am head over heels in love.


I know the snow has been and gone but I wanted to show you my amazing snowman that I made. I’m such a big kid at heart and I loved every minute of it. I decided to add some Mr. Potato head pieces to make it a more unique snowman.  🙂


I hope you like this week’s post. Isn’t my stunning mama absolutely adorable!?


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