Primark Haul

Everyone once in a while I go on a shopping spree in Primark and spend an absolute bomb on bargain clothes and accessories.

It’s much better spending more money in Primark as you get so much value for your money. A jumper that costs £15 in Primark could cost up to £75 in the high street. Now, I do love the high street, but, there is definitely times when I’m not in the mood to pay double for something that I could get for half the price I’m Primark.

I went into the shop around 5.30pm on a Friday which was perfect as it was quiet and gave me time to browse everything peacefully. I was looking for ‘essentials’ that I need, it just keeps getting colder and colder.

It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for and I quickly ran up a nice little bill. It’s amazing how quickly a girl can make her bank balance dip into dangerous territories. 😉

I’ll start with these beautiful rings I purchased. It’s not very often that I buy silver jewellery, but, as soon as I saw this stunning turquoise statement ring, I had to have it. We all know that spikes are my ‘thing’ so of course I had to treat myself to this funky ring. My friend got this satchel in the London store on Oxford Street, I knew I had to get myself one when it came to Belfast.


Jumpers is something that I’ve been lacking in my wardrobe so I thought this pretty studded one would be perfect for these cold months. The studded shoes are bang on trend and so comfortable to wear. The colour is perfect as they will go with everything. Oh and can’t forget my skull printed scarf, I love it!


That’s my Primark haul for this month completed. I hope you all had a great weekend! Don’t forget to enter my M&S giveaway. Closing date is Friday 8th Feb at 4pm. 🙂


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