Love At First Sight

Valentine’s Day has been and gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself with some love inspired make up goodies. Limited Collection by Marks & Spencer have a gorgeous make up collection designed for the most romantic time of year. Last week, I ran my pretty pink heart-shaped lipstick competition and this week I’m reviewing their adorable blusher.

The packaging alone is the ultimate girly blusher. The pretty different coloured hearts make it all the more appealing. The actual blusher colours have some soft shades of purple and pink running throughout it.



I always test the products on myself but this time I wanted to try it out on someone who has a completely different skin tone and hair colour to me. Please welcome my very stylish friend, Christine.


Christine is the ultimate girly girl and all round cutie. She is a self-confessed fashion and beauty addict. I knew if she gave it the thumbs up then it is worth investing in.

I wanted to upload an image of the little lady without any blusher on so you all could see how good it works.


Now for the magic. I lightly sweeped some of the blusher across her apple and cheek bone. Straight away, the beautiful shade of pink made an appearance. What we both loved about it was how natural it looked. It wasn’t too bright but still managed to give her a natural glow. The pretty purple shades included in it mixed perfectly with the pink tones.


After seeing the results I knew that it would be perfect for my weekend of partying tonight and tomorrow night.

Thank you to my beauty intern, Christine, for reviewing it with me. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, why not treat yourself to this adorable blusher.


One thought on “Love At First Sight

  1. The blusher is super cute, and it really compliment’s Christine’s skin tone. I’ll have to check out the M&S range, I love the makeup packaging.

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