Paris In A Box..

If you’re anything like me and are a bit of a hoarder with makeup, jewellery, and, general ‘bits n bobs’, then you’ll get frustrated when you start running out of room to store your things.

I love hanging jewellery from my bed post or wardrobe, (check out my storage post here ), but I can’t use them for everything so I’ll look out for cute boxes to store my earrings, glosses and general things. I got these cute boxes a few years back, and, they hold all of my individual eyes shadows, lipsticks etc.



I came across the most adorable Parisian style boxes that are available in all shapes and sizes. I decided to purchase this gorgeous jewellery box that I love.



I like how it has different compartments as the OCD freak in me likes to keep things neat and tidy. The actual decor of the box is quite chic indeed. The soft blue and cream colours work beautifully against the black lining and it helps the Eiffel tower to stand out.


Another completely girly addition for my room. Love it! 🙂


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