Superdrug Haul

Yesterday I ventured into Superdrug with the intention of buying some nail polish remover. Next thing I know, my bank balance was £60 down but I could be happier. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make me happy like buying a new blusher, trying out a new product or treating myself to my new favourite make up brushes by Real Techniques. (That makes me sound extremely materialistic but you know what I mean! )


I’m going to start my haul with something Simple. I used this brand before for all of my skin care but since converting to another brand, I’ve recently found heaven again in their eye make up remover pads. They’re soft on my eyes, which is great since it’s such a delicate area. There is no alcohol or oil, artificial perfume or colouring which is important when taking care of your skin.


Next up on the big haul, is these stunning Bourjois blusher, eye shadow and lipstick. I’m going to kick it off with this beautiful blusher in a smouldering Rose Coup shade. It is a fine, lightly textured and incredibly transparent blusher which is perfect for blending. It gives such a healthy glow and looks perfectly natural.


Moving onto my new favourite colour shot eye shadow, it literally sparkles like a diamond and is perfect for the summer season. I love how it offers an intense and high coverage look while lasting long throughout the day and night. It’s highly concentrated pigments blend into a very silky and easy to apply powder. You can even use it as a liner by applying it with a slightly wet brush, perfect!


If there is one beauty product that I love, it’s the trusty and timeless lipstick. I picked up this gorgeous coral shade from Bourjois and their Rouge Edition range. I love how soft it is yet provides you with a serious pop of colour. Once again, it’s perfect for the summer months and can be worn during the day or on a night out. It adds a touch of moisture to my lips which I absolutely love. I bought all three Bourjois products and got these pretty summer sunglasses free with my purchases. Not bad, eh? 😉



I’ve recently become addicted to Samantha Chapman’s Real Techniques make up brushes, they’re soft and professional and perfect for applying make up with. A while ago, I bought this brush set ( you can view my post here ) and I wanted to expand my collection. I bought myself a blusher, powder and stippling brush. Each brush provides you with a flawlessly blended look for an air brushed and highly defined look. I can’t recommend these enough, they’re perfect and are sold at such an affordable price!


I bought a few other pieces, but, I don’t think you ladies need to see my hair spray and nail polish remover! 😉 Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


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