My Interview with the One and Only, Katie Price!

It was 5.48pm on Tuesday 18th June when I received a call from none other than reality TV star and entrepreneur, Katie Price. Now, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous ( in a good way) about interviewing the famous ‘Pricey’, but, as soon as she spoke, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable and fun interview. Katie is currently in the process of launching her fourth fragrance, ‘Kissable’, and, is set to visit Belfast and Bangor on Friday 5th July to sign copies for her much-loved fans.


Asking Katie how she came up with the name she said: ” Obviously because I knew I was bringing the perfume out in July, I was thinking of what I could call it and what is relevant to it at the time. I knew they have a National Kissing Day and I thought, wow! Why don’t we launch it on 6th July and call it Kissable. ”

When designing the bottle, Katie found the process quite “easy”, telling me: ” As it’s called Kissable, I knew I wanted lips all over the packaging. I thought that I would include a free lip gloss instead of just having a pair of lips as the lid. So I thought, why not have it as lip gloss?” She said, “Even though I don’t usually wear red lipstick, I thought it was good for the perfume design.”

Katie Price - 'Kissable' Perfume

Kissable will be the fourth fragrance from the ex-glamour model, asking her about what inspiration she had when branching out into the beauty world, Katie told me: ” Well, I’m obsessed with beauty myself, I’m a typical girl! When I get into the bath, I have all of my creams and oils, and I love getting my nails and hair done too.”

Admitting that she was ‘selfish’ throughout the ‘Kissable’ process, and because she has spent a lot of money on perfume before, she said: ” I’m actually going to make a perfume that I actually like and one that I would want to wear all of the time.”

Katie also gave me a little inside preview as to what we can expect next from her: ” As well as perfume, I’m going to expand my brand. I’ve actually just done a nail course and I’m a fully qualified nail technician, so I’m going to bring out gel nails which will be affordable for young girls.”

With the Katie Price empire growing, we can most definitely expect to see more from the strong and confident entrepreneur, ” Yes, definitely. I will be creating hair pieces, some make up and creams. Obviously these things takes ages, you can’t just decide to do it and then a month later put it out. It takes years of preparation.”

Kissable will be available from July 6th exclusively at Gordons Chemists in Northern Ireland and comes as a 50ml EDP (RRP £15.99) and a 100ml EDP (RRP £19.99)

Katie will be at Gordons Chemists in Cornmarket, Belfast at 11am and Gordons Chemists in Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Bangor at 3.30pm on Friday 5th July


3 thoughts on “My Interview with the One and Only, Katie Price!

  1. Love it! Cant believe this is her 4th perfume, brilliant idea about the lip gloss, thumbs up from me 😀

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