The Rich is Back!

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by the fabulous Mark Rogers and his lovely Benefit ladies, Sofia, Audrey and Lauren. It was the launch of their collaboration with my favourite designer, Matthew Williamson. His designs are exactly what I look for in clothes and accessories, I even wore one of his stunning dresses for my graduation.


The party started at 5.30pm and for the next hour, Mark and his benebabes talked us through ‘The Rich is Back’ set and other exciting Benefit news. (I can’t reveal it all to you 😉 ) The gorgeous palette is vibrant, bold and absolutely stunning. Not only is it perfect for creating a simple day time or dramatic night-time look, but, it’s the perfect size for travelling with! 🙂


The palette represents his visual eye and personality perfectly and it also caters to the customers need. The variety of eye shadows, blusher, mascara and gloss are the perfect shades for summer and can be transformed into a hot smoky eye during the winter time.


I love cream, gold and brown shades, I find they work best with my eye colour. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new colour thrown into the mix. ‘Feel So Teal’ is not a colour I would usually wear to be honest, but, as Mark pointed out, it would work beautifully as an eyeliner to start with.


I’m already an addict of the ‘They’re Real’ mascara and was excited to see it included in the package along with a gorgeous scarlet red lip gloss and a flirty new blusher called, ‘Gimme Fever’. I’m quite excited to try it out, I’m going away this weekend so it’ll be the perfect time to showcase the palette and experiment with new looks. 🙂


I also managed to get my hands on a new primer that lasts for 15 hours. It is designed to act like a magnet and lock on your foundation for 15 fresh and flawless hours! 🙂 Love it!



These stunning palettes are limited edition so get your hands on one before they sell out!

Thanks to Mark, Audrey and the rest of the benebabes for a fabulous evening!


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