Beautiful Bella Bamba

If there is one make up product that I can’t live without, it is the luxurious, rich, and flirty blusher. I have a nice little collection of different brands and shades building up and I’ve now become obsessed with Benefit’s ‘Bella Bamba’ blusher. Now, it wasn’t easy getting this gorgeous heaven in a box, it is quite popular and now I can see why.


If the disco inspired packaging isn’t enough, then I don’t know what is. The stunning array of seductive shades are enough to make any beauty babes heart skip a beat. It’s bright, its bold, and, it’s all mine! 😉


With my skin tone, I prefer a warm shade when it comes to using blusher. I tend to wear more of a rich pink tone during the summer months and I would opt for an auburn shade during those dull winter months. With the triple dimension of pink, it’s designed to brighten, sculpture and define my cheeks.


Check out the images for yourself and if you need this little baby in your life, then I suggest you go get one now as they’re hard to get!






What I love most about the blusher is how natural it looks, just a tint of colour is all that is needed. If I want to emphasize it more for a night out, then I’ll just apply a few more coats. Have a fab week, enjoy the sun! 🙂


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