Battle of the BB’s

With my holiday to Spain fast approaching, I started to panic as my skin does not work well with wearing foundation in the heat. I don’t usually bring make up on holiday, but, I’ve a wedding to attend out there so I’ll have to apply some of the pretty stuff.

After asking some of my FABB ladies, they very kindly pointed me in the direction of BB creams. From Mac to Bobbi Brown, I knew it was going to take some testing in order to find the perfect one.

I once tried a BB cream before from a well known brand, but, it made my skin look too shiny and it didn’t get me great coverage.

I started with MAC and I took home a little sample to try out. It’s their prep + prime beauty balm. It’s slightly tinted and it has a sheer beige tone to work on all complexions.


What I loved most about this product is how much of a glow it gives my skin. It’s like silk and it has such a lightweight formula. It looks quite pale in the picture, but, once I applied it, it blended beautifully onto my skin.


I’ve taken a picture of what the MAC sample looks like on my skin. With both the MAC and Bobbi Brown creams, I didn’t have to apply a topcoat of powder which I loved. Overall, I was very happy with the product and it’s one I’m definitely going to invest in! 🙂


Next, I moved onto the Bobbi Brown BB Cream. I fell head over heels in love with this gorgeous beauty balm. I was genuinely surprised with the amazing coverage it gave me. It was like I was wearing foundation, but, it was a fraction of the weight and the energy putting it on.


You can see from the photo below how great the Bobbi Brown cream looks. After wearing it all day, I didn’t need to top it up at all. Again, it looks quite dark in the image, but, on holiday I go quite tan so this shade is perfect for me. To be honest, even when I applied it over the weekend it didn’t look quite as dark when it was on.


It looks so natural and it doesn’t look like I’m wearing much make up. I was so happy with the results so I treated myself to it. 🙂


Both creams were amazing, but, for Spain I went it the Bobbi Brown cream. Although, when I come home I’m definitely investing in the MAC prep + prime cream!

Is there any tinted moisturizers or BB creams that you lovely ladies couldn’t live without? I’d love to get your feedback. 🙂

Enjoy the sun!


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