Vichy Skin Analysis

Yesterday I had my appointment with the lovely Zara and Vichy advisor, Hazel, to get a better understanding of my skin type.

I’ve had a mapping of my skin done before, but, nothing like what I experienced at Gordons Chemist.

First Hazel, Zara and myself, had a little chat about what products I used before. I have used a majority of brands available, but, nothing quite like Vichy. I had quite sensitive skin, and few dark marks, but, after religiously using the Idéalia Life Serum, I personally noticed a difference in my skin.


Hazel used a very modern skin analysis machine of my face using strips. She applied two of them to my forehead and cheek to determine what skin type I had. I had a fair idea of what it might be and I wasn’t too surprised when she told me I had an oily complexion.


From this, Hazel walked through the products with me discussing the best skin care range for me that Vichy has to offer.

Oh, and she gave me my skin age. As long as my skin hadn’t aged more than what I actually am, I’d be happy. Turns out, I’ve the skin of a twenty four year old. Not bad, eh? 😉


I managed to pick up some samples from their Noraderm range that is designed for hormonal skin. As part of the consultation, I was able to take away one product of my choice. Ever since I attended their Vichy at Gordons launch in The Merchant Hotel, I’ve become addicted to their Idéalia Life Serum, so I was over the moon to take a bottle with me!




I had a fab time and I would like to thank Nicola and Zara for having me along. And of course, thank you to Hazel for carrying out the consultation.

If any of you would like to try out this service, then visit your nearest Gordons Chemist to arrange an appointment.


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