My ‘Hills’ Moment

Working within the fashion industry is amazing and leaves me with an unbelievable feeling of determination, motivation and happiness. I’ve been writing all about the latest trends, events and purchases for a while now and I wanted to expand my experience within this industry. Please welcome Grainne Maher. For those of you who have been living on another planet, Grainne is a fabulous milliner and jewellery designer who has her very own concession, Pluck & Devour, at the House of Fraser.




Having dreamed of working within the fashion industry all of my life, I was over the moon when an opportunity to assist Grainne backstage at the Arthur Cox fashion show at The Merchant Hotel.


Photographer: Kirth Ferris


It was brilliant to get a sense of how things work behind the scenes of a fashion show. It was so fun dressing the models and helping various designers such as Una Rodden throughout the evening. I was assigned to help dress the beautiful Tiffany Brien, former Miss Northern Ireland 2012. It was great working with her and seeing first hand how much hard work models put into each show.


The show was hosted by the fabulous Cathy O’Conner who regularly styles editorials for TV3’s Xpose and style fashion features and make overs on ‘Ireland AM’. It was a joy to be in the company of such a strong and inspirational woman.


I had an amazing time at the fashion show and I’m excited to continue styling and assisting in future shows. Thank you to Gráinne and the rest of the girls for having me along. ♥


Hope you all have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “My ‘Hills’ Moment

  1. Love this! It’s the most exciting feeling being behind the scenes, and Grainne’s pieces are gorgeous! Lucky girl;)

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