Lady Danger

A few weeks back, I ventured into MAC and purchased a vibrant lipstick that I’ve been hearing a lot about.

I love strong lip colours, from plum to the classic red, I can’t get enough. I have a nice little collection going with plenty of reds, pinks, plums and even purple.



I decided to try something new so I opted for more of a coral and red based colour. After experimenting with a variety of colours, I chose a beautiful and vibrant shade called Lady Danger.


I’m the kind of girl who can’t just put on lipstick, I need to buy a lip pencil to match my shade, and of course, lip primer.


I love MAC’s lip primer. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and it smells amazing! After lining my lips, I applied the colour popping Lady Danger.


It took me a while to get use to this strong look, but, now I love it! It’s the perfect colour to wear throughout the year. I especially love it when I wear it with black. ♥


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


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