Hide ‘n’ Seek

A few weeks ago, I posted about my latest MAC lipstick purchase. For those of you who didn’t see it, I treated myself to their stunning Lady Danger shade. It is such a strong and stunning colour. It’s the perfect shade for this season!


Over the weekend I was sorting through my make up boxes and drawers when I came across a little nestle of MAC lipsticks that I had forgotten about.


It was like finding gold. I love it when that happens! I actually couldn’t believe how many lipsticks, liners and glosses I had put away and forgotten about.


I have a certain number of colours that I work with and I tend to buy them in different shades. Although, there are times when I’m feeling a little restless and want to play round with me look.

I pushed my beauty boundaries a year or so ago and purchased this fabulous limited edition WonderWoman lipstick.


At first, I was a little nervous when I saw the end result. Worn with MAC’s fantabulous gloss, it’s quite shocking, but, I love the combination of the two colours mixed together!


As always, I start by applying my trusty primer and then I pencil in my lips using a dark plum shade called, Currant.


The lipstick shade that I bought is called, Spitfire. At first it doesn’t look too vibrant, but, once I apply my Funtabulous gloss, it’s pops!




It’s always good to try out something new. Let me know what you all think! ūüôā


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