A little Q&A with Lindsey Kelk

I recently had the pleasure of having a fabulous little Q&A session with British author and all round rascal, Lindsey Kelk. I’ve always been a huge fan of her ‘I Heart’ books, and I was beyond happy when I got the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her upcoming book, ‘I Heart Christmas’.

A little info on Ms Kelk. She is a writer (obviously), a karaoke obsessive, beauty blogger, was once an editor of little people’s books, she sometimes interviews people, likes yoga and an unhealthy amount of WWE. Oh and she lives is the fabulous NYC! Ta-da.

My love of her books all started with my favourite, ‘I Heart New York’. For those of you who don’t know me, I am obsessed with all things NYC. It has always been my dream to move there and start up a career in fashion. I’ll give you a quick look into the book.


Angela Clarke is the coolest wedding destroyer/hand breaker around. She runs away to New York. She shacks up in a hotel room. Meets hotel worker Jenny. Quickly becomes BF’s. Falls in love with the city and two sexy guys. One is a wall street banker (mmm yes please!) another is a cool guy in a band. (yes please x2!) Starts writing a blog about them. Things become complicated…

Want to know more?

Then go buy the book!!! 😉

Anywho, back to the interview!


Speaking to Lindsey about Angela’s character and asking if she bases her character around herself, family or friends, she said:

“In the beginning, yes but not really anymore. All the characters have become so wholly themselves, it would be weird to try and force other people on to them. Sometimes I put them in situations I find myself in though, it’s fun to see how they react compared to what went down in real life”.

Every girl is expected to grow up and settle down, wondering if Angela can do the same, Lindsey said:

“Well, she sort of has. She’s married, she’s got a big important job… it really depends on your definition of settling down. I like think settled doesn’t have to mean boring. Angela’s life will never be boring”.

If any of you are like me, we all dream of ‘having it all’. From the dream job, to the perfect husband and adorable children, we have high expectations. So does Angela.

“That’s a big theme in I Heart Christmas. Can anyone ever really have it all? Again, I think it’s all very subjective – whether or not you can do it depends on what ‘having it all’ means to you. I don’t know how many human beings are programmed to ever be entirely content, I know a lot of people who suffer from grass is greener syndrome. I’m probably one of them to be honest”.


Now lets move onto Alex. The unbelievably hot and perfect other half of Ms Angela Clarke. After reading all of the ‘I Heart’ series, I have come to fancy Alex deeply. Asking Lindsey if there is a chance we could have a steamy hot shower scene with him, she said:

“Ha! As if I would ever sink to such cheap tricks… *goes back to I Heart Christmas and checks whether or not that’s already in there*”.


As I mentioned earlier I’ve always dreamed of living in NYC, taking the bull by the horns, I asked Lindsey if she had any tips or advice for me.

“How I got here is such a long and convoluted story, it would take forever to tell and be impossible to replicate – plus there was a whole lot of misery that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The simplest advice I can give is to work out what you want and then work your arse off until you have it. I had a fulltime job that would take up twelve hours of my day and then I would go home and write for another three, four hours”.

She said: “When I moved to New York, it was the same – for the first year, I worked myself sick until I could safely leave my job and write fulltime. It looks glamorous but there are a lot of sacrifices to be made and a lots of scary, lonely times. You’ve got to so want New York and want to be a writer to make it worth it – it has to be your passion because when times are tough, you need to be able to remember why you’re bothering in the first place.”


Thank you to the fabulous Ms Lindsey Kelk for giving me this opportunity. ♥

I Heart Christmas is out on 21st November 2013. Go get one!

For more info, visit: http://lindseykelk.com/


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