Organic Surge

Being part of a fashion and beauty blogging network has its major advantages. Not only do I get the chance to mingle with a great group of ladies, but, they are a team of strong individuals with great industry knowledge.

I do love my skincare, but, from time to time I like to ask some of the other ladies for their opinion. Enter the beautiful Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty. Her knowledge of all things beauty is impressive and I came across a tweet she had uploaded about a skincare brand called, Organic Surge.


Organic Surge skincare products blend powerful natural ingredients with the latest technologies to safeguard your skin and even help in its repair. Regular use of our organic skincare range will help to neutralise environmental irritants, combat free radicals and actively speed-up cell renewal.

All Organic Surge skincare products have been clinically tested, dermatologically tested and certified as suitable for sensitive skin. Just like your skin, they are 100% free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, parabens and synthetic colorants and fragrances.


I’m really quite excited to try out the products I’ve picked. I opted for their eye gel, blissful daily moisturiser, first class mask and daily care face wash.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks how I get on. Again, thanks to Nic! ♥


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