Making a Fashion Splash at BFW

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 saw the return of Belfast Fashion Week celebrating its 10th year.


The launch of Spring/Summer’s West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK can always be relied upon to bring a touch of style, glamour and colour to deary old January, and this fabulous lively and vibrant launch for 2014 was no exception.



Ireland’s leading fashion event will not only return for another season, but this year it celebrates a remarkable milestone with 2014 marking its tenth year. Needless to say, hoards of die-hard fashion fans gathered to hear the exciting schedule including celebratory events to make this special occasion. The Charity Challenge project is one of them and I’m excited to announce that I’m part of it! 🙂

The two images below have also been featured at the launch. I’m loving the styles, the bold black and mustard look is fabulous!



Surrounded by ten beautiful models, director of Belfast FASHIONWEEK Cathy Martin, addressed the guests on site at renowned interior designer Kris Turnbull’s chic studio and outlined what we can expect from the landmark event which will take place from 19-23 March across various venues in Belfast. 


Speaking at the launch, Cathy said: “I feel very proud to be standing here today as I announce the schedule for the seventeenth season of FASHIONWEEK and the beginning of its tenth year”.

She also spoke about the charity challenge project that I’m involved with. “I’m looking forward to showcasing the talents of our local designers and new spring/summer collections from our high street stores and local designer boutiques, but also to ‘giving back’ a little with our Charity Challenge”.

The coral floral blouse and short look along with the monochrome and mustard piece are looks that I chose from my charity, the Northern Ireland Hospice. I absolutely love them and I hope you do! ♥


The Charity Challenge concept was created by Cathy to bring together ten fashion bloggers or stylists with ten charities and their retail stores to create a collection of ten catwalk-worthy outfits each. Cathy said: “I can’t wait to see what classic, quirky and vintage ensembles our exceptionally creative stylists will come up with.  Actually, we started off with the goal of ten charity partnerships to celebrate our tenth year, but I’m delighted to say we now have twelve”.


Cathy also said: “All the outfits shown on the catwalk as part of the Charity Challenge will be available to buy (via donation) on the night at each charity’s pop up store, so as well as exposing what great finds there are in store at some of these gem shops, we’re hoping that the charities will sell the entire collections to make some much needed funds.”




(All photography by Stephen Potter)

Thanks to Cathy Martin, Lisa Bell and the rest of the CMPR team for this great opportunity. ♥


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