Feeling Plum

Now that the seasons are changing, it’s time for me to update my lipstick collection. There are times when I find shopping for that perfect shade so over whelming. With the huge variety of brands and colours available, there are times when I could just cry.

Rimmel had a great selection of shades to choose from. I opted for two plum colours for a change and I wanted a brand that also provided moisture. (They look brighter in the picture, but, they’re a lovely dark plum in reality.)


I love how much moisture they provide my lips with. The lipsticks give a beautiful shine to my lips when applied. I always wear a lip pencil before putting on my lipstick. It gives the colour a bold pop.



On the left, I opted for shade 380 Dark Night Waterl-Oops. It’s my favourite colour as it’s a real dark plum colour. On the right, I picked shade 470 Glam Plum Fulham. It’s a more brighter tone and it would be perfect for a more relaxed look.


Over the bank holiday weekend, I wore the 380 dark plum. It was long lasting and I absolutely loved the shade on me! ♥


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ♥



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