Meeting a Goddess

On Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending an intimate gathering to have a preview look of Larrissa Watson’s ‘Goddess & Swift’ SS14 Collection. During the evening, I was also given the opportunity to interview the lovely Larrissa about her career, fashion memories and latest collection.


Asking Larrisaa about herself she told me: “I’ve been in the creative area and fashion textiles for twenty years. I’ve been involved in different areas such as: Interior design, print and I’ve had my own labels as well as designing for other designers.”

She said: “In 2011 I started up Goddess & Swift and I’ve just been working very hard on getting it established in Belfast. We’re delighted to finally be here, it’s a dream come true.”


With various fashion events taking place across the city, I asked Larrissa if taking part in Belfast Fashion Week and other shows has helped her brand, she explained:

“Yes, I do feel that it has helped, especially starting with FashionWeek. I feel that there has been a lot of interest generated from that and I think Belfast is growing in regards to fashion.”

She said: “Over the past five years, the fashion scene here in Belfast has gotten very interesting and it’s all very exciting.”


Describing the Goddess & Swift brand, Larissa explained: “The brand is about classics, quality and creativity. My background is in textiles so I always bring colour, print and some sort of creative flair through. I like to make sure my looks are classical, wearable and has a tailored feminity to it.”


When it comes to interviewing designers, I’m always curious as to what was their first ever piece they constructed.

Giggling about this, Larrissa told me: “I was still in school and I was making this piece and I found a scrap of black silk. I ended up having enough for the front but not for the back, so I got this see through fabric and stitched it on. I put these little blue beads on as buttons and I ended up wearing it to death.”


A person’s own style is just as important as their collection as it represents everything they vision in fashion. Speaking about her own style, Larrisaa said: “I dress very simply, I like having a few creative pieces in my wardrobe and I love having styles that will last season after season. If you do have a creative or a flair piece, wear it with several different looks. One that is an investment.”


And finally, the age old question. How does a designer like Larrissa prepare her Goddess & Swift collection for a show like Belfast Fashion Week?

“Well, I work each collection a year in advance so for the likes of FashionWeek, I use my core collection for the runway and I have a lot of fun doing these kind of shows. It’s also a great opportunity to design those more one of a kind pieces to showcase to the audience. I like creating concept styles so that I can then bring them forward to next years collection.”


Thank you to Larrissa for taking the time to speak to me and the CMPR girls for inviting me along to the preview.

The Goddess & Swift store is located at 9 Commercial Court, Belfast. Pop in and have a look at this season’s must haves!


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