Oh La La!

When I visit Topshop, I usually just browse around the clothes and accessories department. However during the week I came across an Instagram post with an beautiful lipstick shade from their make up section.

The name and packaging are enough to make me purchase it. The coral colour is called Oh La La and it is the perfect shade for this season.


Like I said, I absolutely adore the packaging for the lipstick. It’s a very chic and clean tube and it makes the colour even more appealing.


The lipstick itself is quite moisturising and when applied you can give yourself as much coverage as you wish. My first coat was quite natural with a hint of colour. After another two coats it was such a bold and vibrant shade, it would be perfect for a night out. Although because I’m testing it out during the day, I opted for a more natural look.



I have to say that I’m very impressed with this lipstick. I honestly never would have went to Topshop to buy make up. For the bargain price of £8, it is the now an essential piece in my daily make up routine. ♥


2 thoughts on “Oh La La!

  1. I love Topshop lipsticks, I heard a rumor that they were produced by MAC but I don’t know if that is true! 🙂 xx

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