MAC Haul

When that Debenhams beauty card statement comes in, things can become a little dangerous. When I see that reward, I immediately start to shop in my head.

I thought it was about time I treated myself to a MAC haul. I knew I wanted to purchase a concealer as I’ve heard so much about their Pro Long Wear. And in the mist of all this, I also purchased a lipstick and paint pot.


Starting with the concealer, I originally went in with the hope of buying the Pro Long Wear product. However, after trying it on, the very helpful assistant and I both agreed that it was not best suited for me. Instead I opted for their Prep + Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast. I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but I do like it so far. It’s not as heavy as their Pro Long Wear, but, it still provides me with good coverage.


Next up, I have this pro long wear paint pot in Painterly. It’s such a beautiful natural shade that acts as a perfect base colour. You can wear it on its own or under a smokey eye. I originally wanted a concealer for my top eye, but, the lovely assistant suggested this. I’m so happy that she did, again I’ve been wearing this since I got it and I’m absolutely loving it. It helps cover my dark eyes and gives me a more matte finish. Oh, please ignore the used marks on my pot. I forgot to photograph it before I used it. (That’s how excited I was!)


Finally, I have the mother of all summer shades to share with you all. I actually asked the girl what she was wearing as I was head over heels in love with the colour. It’s from their matte lipstick collection and it’s called Flat Out Fabulous. The title alone for me was enough to make me buy it, but the colour is out of this world. ♥


For today, I’m just sharing my purchases with you. In a few weeks time, I’ll do a post of them on me. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


12 thoughts on “MAC Haul

  1. I love MAC Paint Pots I cant be without them, they are such an amazing base! That lipstick looks fab I may need to purchase this 🙂 xx

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