Inspirational Bloggers

Starting up my blog has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My little baby will be turning three at the end of this month and I can’t help but feel very proud. I’ve worked extremely hard to make my blog the best that I can. Although, my blog would be nothing without all of my amazing followers and readers. Thank you for standing by me and my blog over the last three years, it means the world. ♥ (P.s… I couldn’t help but share this blog illustration – I’m feeling big headed today!) 😉


Today I want to share my favourite international bloggers with all of you. I find these fabulous women so inspirational. They have made a name for themselves within the fashion and beauty industry through hard work. Previously, I have showcased my favourite Irish bloggers, so for this post, I decided to move on to worldwide favourites.

Sea of Shoes

Blogger turned fashion-insider, Jane Aldridge, launched Sea of Shoes as a hobby in 2007, and has since gone from everyday high school girl to serious tastemaker. Her site exists as a photo diary of her skillfully styled ensembles, comprised of cool mash-ups of vintage and designer pieces paired with incredible, covetable shoes, of course fashion. Along with her style, I am obsessed with Jane’s fabulous flaming hair, it is simply breathtaking.


Pink Fox

Carolin is a 24-year-old law student who lives in Munich, Germany. Like any other girl, she is in love with all things fashion related. Her style is just beautiful, it ranges from soft sweet sherbets to all out glamour and sparkle. Carolin is quite a girly girl and this shows through her pretty looks. She has quite the sweet girl vibe about her.


Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy finds inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for her, fashion is a compilation of all that. It is a vehicle for her to play with shapes and colors in order to uncover her personal style. Wendy’s style is chic while incorporating modern day details into her look.


Lovely Pepa

Spanish native, Alexandra Pereira, started up her blog, Lovely Pepa, in July 2009 to share with people her daily outfits, and biggest passions: photography, travel, animals, and of course: fashion. The name of her blog is dedicated to her adorable pet french bulldog: Pepa. I am a daily follower of Alexandra’s blog and Instagram account, her magnificent photography skills and impeccable style have become my bible. ♥


I would highly recommend checking out these talented ladies. They truly inspire me to blog like no other and enjoy every second of it.

Happy Friday, Rascals. ♥


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