They’re Real Push Up Liner

For a month or so now, I’ve been hearing all about Benefit’s, They’re Real Push Up Liner. I first got a proper look at it when one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Beauty Life Michelle, uploaded a video of her testing it out. Michelle was quite impressed with the product. I was due to head down to Benefit HQ at their fabulous BeneBoutique in Dublin for the launch, but unfortunately I was unable to do so. Thankfully, the lovely Sofia, sent me up the kit to play with.

When I first opened the package, I was extremely excited to see that included was my favourite ‘They’re Real Mascara’. I’ve worn this product since its first release. For years, my mascara would constantly smudge along my lower lash line, it was so frustrating!


I also noticed that Sofia had included a remover for the two other products. I had heard rave reviews about this as it’s strong enough to remove eye make up, but, gentle with your eye area. As the skin around my eyes are a little dehydrated and delicate, I was over the moon to have received one.



As I was saying previously, I am madly in love with their mascara. It does not smudge one little bit! I only apply two coats of it, it is quite a strong product, so you would only need a little bit.



Now onto the pièce de résistance, the liner! As soon as I opened the this fabulous product, I immediately started to apply it. At first, when I was applying it, I loved how smoothly it glided along my lash line and how close it went on to the root of my lashes. It was like silk and the thickness of the liner was perfect. I already had mascara on, and not once did it glump to my lashes. Result! It’s so easy to apply and the application process is great. It makes applying liner fun – the traditional liquid style was not my friend.


You can get a sneak peek at me wearing the liner in the image below. Honestly, it really is a great product. In no way am I trying to sell it, but for those of you who are fans of eye liner, then it’s definitely worth investing in.


The liner launches on Saturday 28th June. From reading all of the preview reviews and customer demand, I’d say this product will fly off the shelves. Get yourself one asap!

Happy Hump Day! ♥


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