Jet Setting Essentials

On Tuesday, I am making the much awaited journey to Boston to see my very special man friend. I cannot tell you just how excited I am. Of course, I get to see my best friend, but, I’m getting the opportunity to go on the holiday of a lifetime. While I’m in the U.S, I’m going to take a quick trip to New York for a spot of shopping! 😉


As happy as I am to be going on holiday, I tend to find the build up a little stressful. Remembering to pack everything, converting money and buying last minute essentials. Today, I’m going to share my ‘Jet Setting Essentials’ that I take with me no matter where I go.

It may seem obvious to some, but, these little details are often the most important.

Boarding Essentials

For me, my boarding belongings and carry on essentials are just as important as what clothes I bring. Of course, the most important is my passport (you would be surprised how often this gets left behind!). If you’re going on a long haul flight like me, then a variety of good books is required. I actually enjoy flying and I could spend hours just staring out the window. However, books are great for those of you who prefer to stay occupied. With the oxygen at such a height, it can often play havoc with my skin. I always bring on a few beauty essentials (all under 100ml, of course!) to save my skin from dehydrating. To top it all off, I bring my sleepy mask, iPad and headphones with me when I wish to ‘zone out’ for a while.


Beach Essentials

A blissful day at the beach is all about bathing and relaxing. First priority is taking care of my skin by applying plenty of sun cream. Once I’ve done that, I drift into a world of my own all while catching a tan. Another book is best suited for me when I’m in between splashing around in the sea and catching a little snooze. I prefer to create a mismatched look when it comes to wearing bikinis. A knee length kimono is perfect for wearing as a cover up. P.s… ignore the state of my beach bag, I’ve had it for years and it has been all over the world with me. (Also an essential for a day at the beach!) 😉


Outfit Essentials

When it comes to my outfit choices, I tend to keep everything minimal. I’ll pack bold prints, vibrant colours and comfortable shoes that will carry my look throughout the holiday. With shoes, I pack two pairs of gladiator sandals (a tan and black pair), my favourite Carvela tan gladiator wedge sandals and perhaps a pair of trainers if I’m walking long distances. A delicate piece of jewellery is perfect as when you had a tan, it emphasises your skin tone quite a lot and jewellery can often clash with your tan. I’m going to give my fabulous Michael Kors clutch its first outing when I’m in New York, best place to do so. ♥



Beauty Essentials

Whatever skin routine I use at home, I bring it with me. My try to keep things simple when I’m focusing on my skincare routine. Of course, the trusty sun cream plays a huge part. I’ll also include some after sun and aloe vera, I just haven’t got round to purchasing those yet. I always pay an SPF lip balm before I go on holiday as swollen and badly burnt lips are not a good look for anyone!


After writing up this post, I’m started to get extremely excited! I can’t wait to touch down in Boston and start my adventure of a lifetime. Once I go to New York, I’ll never want to come home! I’ll blog if I can when I’m there. 🙂


Have a fabulous weekend! How pretty is this gorgeous Kerrie Hess ‘Friday’ illustration?! ♥


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