Inspirational Beauty Blogger || Beauty Life Michelle

For the past year, I have become a huge fan of fellow Irish blogger and all round cutie, Beauty Life Michelle. Like I have said, she is a blogger from our Emerald Isle currently living it up in Sydney, Australia. She is such an adorable girl with a quirky sense of humour, great make up skills and a weird but hilarious squeaky voice when she’s playing around on her YouTube channel.


I have spent many hours just sitting glued to Michelle’s make up tutorials. I’ve always been into make up, but, often I just become lazy with my products and never really branch out. There are a wide variety of different beauty looks on her channel. I have to admit, the girl loves a good pout, but, with 20,000 subscribers she can do whatever she wants! ūüėČ


Michelle creates every kind of look from smouldering smokey eyes to bold and beautiful lips. As much as I love her make up looks, one thing that I’m obsessed with are her FABULOUS eyebrows. They are thee most perfect piece of art, she would give Cara a run for her money.




I’ve always wanted to start up my own YouTube channel, but, I don’t think my Belfast accent would sound good on camera. ūüėČ

I would definitely recommend checking out Michelle’s blog or YouTube channel. You’ll quickly become addicted and you will enjoy her interesting online tutorials. For daily updates, follow Michelle on Instagram. ‚ô•


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