Flamingo Season

Over the weekend, I took a quick trip down to Dublin for their Fashion Festival. The stylish Cathy O Connor and Brendan Courtney were hosting their own style segments as part of the festival. I have always been a huge fan of both fashion figures and I was excited to get the opportunity to meet them.


As much as I was down in the City for fashion related events, I couldn’t help but squeeze in a quick trip to Gino’s ice cream and crepe parlour. I first tried their mouthwatering ice cream back in June and I’ve been hooked ever since! I also meet up with a beautiful Irish designer to discuss an amazing project that will be happening this year! 🙂


In between the shows and my meeting, I couldn’t resist a visit to Parfois. I absolutely adore their handbags, purses and jewellery, so I was excited to see what they had in store for AW14. I’ve been quite good over the past few months when it comes to shopping for handbags and clutches. I have built up quite a collection and now I buy only styles that are unique and a must have!


My eyes instantly lit up when I came across this quirky flamingo style cross over. It’s such a unique bag, I can also wear it as a clutch bag which is great. I have never really came across a print like this before so I knew I had to have it. I had a huge smile on my face when I was paying for it as I was excited to add it to my wardrobe and it only cost me £23! ♥


It’s a big bag which I love and the detailing of it is just perfect. The flap over has a hidden zip in it and the interior is gorgeous. It’s big enough to hold all of my daily essentials and make up for when I’m on the move.


The print on the bag is such a dreamy design. I have always loved flamingos and it’s a nice change from the animal print trend. Cats, dogs, zebras, they’ve all been ‘in trend’ at some stage. This pretty print is a nice change and one that I can’t help but invest in.


I have to admit that it felt good to take one week off from blogging. I needed to recharge my batteries and focus on other things. However, I’m sooo happy to be back! A rest is always good. 😉


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