I’ve committed a Sin

Just wanted to upload a quick beauty post featuring my favourite new lipstick from none other than MAC. You lovelies may have already seen my picture of me wearing it over on my Instagram. For so long, I’ve been hearing so much talk about the brand and their lipstick,Sin from fellow beauty bloggers. I’m a huge fan of a bold lip, the darker the better. I actually can’t believe that I’m only getting round to purchasing this fabulous shade now, but I guess it’s the perfect time really as I’ll be constantly wearing it this season.



It’s from their matte collection and ut wears so well. It gives unbelievable coverage and does not budge. I even had food and drinks while wearing it so in order to test it out. Obviously, I wore a similar coloured lip pencil with it to emphasise the line of my lip and give it a great base to work with.


I’m so excited to wear this, it’s definitely my go to colour for this season! Hope you are all having a great week. Just thought I would upload an image detailing exactly how I feel today. Happy Friday! ♥



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