Inside my make up bag

I thought it was about to time to share with all of you my everyday make up essentials. My look is simple but every so often, I’ll throw a copper eyeshadow or bold lip into the mix. I work my make up look off two ideas. One, whichever mood I’m in. Two, it all depends on just how much time I have. If only I had a relaxing and enjoyable amount of time to paint my face but unfortunately I prefer that extra hour snoozing.


Ok, so lets start with the bag that contains all of the goodness. I bought my pretty little patchwork beauty from Marks and Spencer. It is such a sturdy bag, this little rascal has travelled the world with me and has never failed me. At first, it looks pretty small but it can hold a good amount of beauty products to get my face looking reasonably ready. 😉


Now, onto the brushes. Everyone has their own secret weapons that help create and blend their make up perfectly. For a while now I have been using Real Techniques and I can’t complain. They work, wash and wear well. With the three W’s covered, I’m a happy girl. The Real Techniques range is incredibly purse friendly which of course is an added bonus.


Going through my list of products, I actually forgot to include my primer and neutral lipstick (tut tut). Well obviously before applying my foundation, I clean my face and do all of my daily skin routine usual. Then I move on to applying my Primer. I use the velvet formula from GOSH cosmetics.


When it comes to foundation, I have tried and tested a fair amount of brands. For the last year, I have been using Revlon Colour Stay and I’m pretty impressed with it. I chose the shade Natural Tan from their Oily/Combination range as it helps control my t-zone while giving me a warm glow.


I struggle with finding the perfect concealer, so at the minute I’m using Bourjois Happy Light in Medium. It does give me good coverage but somehow my dark circle manage to break through. I set my make up with Catrice to keep my shine at bay.

Now that it is Autumn, I am really loving wearing a copper eye with a 90’s nude lip. At the minute I’ve been wearing MAC’s Coppering shadow in a block colour style. I’ll finish it off with my natural lipstick from Smashbox called Primrose. If I’m going out for the night, I’ll switch my look by wearing a natural eye with a bold colour such as MAC’s Lady Danger. As always, with both of these looks I will only wear a hint of colour on my cheeks using Estee Lauder’s Silky Powder Blush.


Brows are everything to me simply because I don’t have any. Filling them in is an essential part of my daily make up routine. When I was in the States, I picked up the Anastastia Brow Whiz and I have never looked back. I’ll brush them into place using my old faithful, Gimme Brow from Benefit.


A sweet scent is important to me. Usually around this time of year I’ll switch to my autumn/winter perfume, D&G’s, The One. However I’m still enjoying Vera Wang’s Princess Power. It’s the perfect daytime smell and I absolutely adore it for the bottle alone.


Are there any beauty products that you can’t live without or would recommend trying? I would love your feedback, have a great day. ♥


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