Sephora AW14 Make Up Haul

So, as you all know I took a little trip to the States over the Halloween break. Every time I visit I spend an unhealthy amount of money and time in Sephora. What can I say, I have a slight addiction and it’s like the mother ship calls me every time I’m around. For today, I’m just going to focus on my make up purchases, I will feature my skincare products for another day.


I had a few key products that I wanted to purchase and the rest was pieces that tickled my fancy during my spree. I have to say though, I experienced slight devastation when I was informed that Lorac had stopped stocking in Sephora (and Macy’s), so it’s now only available online. I also tried to purchase the Christian Louboutin nail polish but it was sold out in the classic rouge shade. Even with this sad news, I stayed strong and enjoyed the rest of my beauty adventure.

Anywho, starting with my new favourite lip balm brand, I was introduced to Fresh by a lovely employee who worked at Sephora. I was also having a nosey today and catching up with some beauty bloggers and their YouTube channels and the adorable Vivanna from Vivianna Does Make Up had actually included a shade from the Fresh lip balm line as one of her October Favourites. I was well chuffed to for once be ‘in the know’ when it comes to beauty products.


Recently my lips have been a little dry and dehydrated, so I was on the search for a good lip balm. What I love most about this brand is how they combat damaged lips while adding a pop of colour and sweet scent to their products. I bought their neutral collection for AW14.



A good lip scrub is always an essential product within your beauty regime. I tend to use them most at nighttime just before I’m about to go to bed. I leave it on throughout the night in order to give my lips the best treatment during the colder months. Can I just say how devine this little beauty smells! I find it hard not to eat it if I’m being honest.


Continuing on with the Sephora goodness, for the first time ever, I spent some time at the NARS counter. I don’t know why, but, I’ve never really got round to investing in their products. Sometimes I can be quite bad at just sticking with products that I know work for me. It’s only recently that I’ve started to branch out so I thought that I would treat myself on holiday.


I had been hearing some much hype surrounding their ‘When God Created The Woman’ eyeshadow palette. I adore a good brown smokey eye, particularly during the Autumn/Winter months. What makes this product even more perfect is the fact that it’s pocket size. You can carry it around everywhere with you and have a beautiful collection of shades to work with whether you’re going for a light daytime look or all out bold statement look for nighttime. Various beauty bloggers have been raving about this palette as NARS have just recently relaunched it due to popular demand. These little bundles of happiness are in demand so I would try to get yourself one now before they sell out.


A strong pigmented lipstick is a beauty product that I cannot get enough of. I love adding new shades and brands to my lipstick collection. I treated myself to their latest collection piece in the shade, Brigitte. I have to admit, I would buy this lipstick for the packaging alone. It is an incredibly chic case and the magnetic clicking sound when the lid closes is enough to make heart skip a beat. That clicking sound is like a little piece of heaven, I know there are some of you beauty bloggers out there who know what I mean.


I’m actually kind of afraid to use it as I don’t want to wear away the adorable little NARS print on the side of the lipstick. It’s the little details that count for me, they make it all the more appealing.


Now on to the Pièce de résistance, Hourglass and their Ambient lighting palette. I know I’m a little late to the party with this one, but I like to take my time with certain ‘hype’ products and wait for the reviews. I’m all about highlighting, they’re one of my all time favourite make up products. I have a strong collection of my own, mainly consisting of warm pinks and golds. However, this time I decided to opt for a lighter set of shades for this season.


With this pretty palette I can create the perfect lighting on my face. The shades have a soft focus finishing that recreates a flattering light source. With this trio, I can use them as individual shades or combine them for multidimensional glow.


Like I have said, within the next few weeks, I’m hoping to feature the skincare products I purchased. Happy Friday, rascals. Have a great weekend!


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