By Terry

As the saying goes, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”. I spent my day browsing around beauty heaven, Space NK and picked up a product that I have been lusting over for a while now. I also managed to squeeze in a mouthwatering caramel hot chocolate, perfect end to my weekend.


By Terry’s lip balm is widely known within the beauty industry and fellow bloggers as a piece of heaven. Now, it’s a high end piece of heaven given the fact that it costs £38, but I figured I deserved a treat. On Saturday I took a bad allergic reaction and I was rewarding myself for my bravery. When I was in the States I searched for this balm but couldn’t find it, not even realising that it was on my very own doorstep at Space NK.


Within the collection, you can pick between six shades, I chose the Baume De Rose as it is best suited to my skin tone. The shades will slightly tint your lips, however if you prefer a completely natural colour, then opt for the clear balm.


I have to admit that I am incredibly excited about my latest beauty purchase. I tested the balm on my lips when I was in store and gave it a little time to settle. I was pleasantly surprised at how moist my lips were. The delicate rose tint gave me some colour and the smell was devine. Although priced at £38, I would like to think it would impress me. It is an intensely nourishing treatment that acts as a salve for both lips and cuticles. My lips have been dry due to the Winter weather and I’m hoping that this miracle balm will repair, nourish and revitalise my lips. It felt deeply hydrating when on so I know I’m onto a winner.


I took my time before purchasing this product due to the price point. I had watched various beauty bloggers on their YouTube channels as they always give an honest opinion. I also read some details about the infamous balm at Space NK online.

lipo-regenerating complex made from rose flower essential wax and pastel oil to boost cell renewal. The soothing and healing powers of shea butter leave lips feeling deliciously smooth, while ceramides and vitamin E help to protect and fortify this delicate area against the signs of ageing. This ultra nourishing salve also doubles as a strengthening treatment for cuticles, simply massage in and let the creamy, soothing formula work its magic.”


I officially welcome Winter and its elements to try and chap my lips. As long as I have this balm buttering me up, I will be good to go!


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